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Historical Sofrot

Please check back soon for regular updates as more women’s names are added and their stories told.

A known literary study by Harold Blom a few years ago raised the exotic theory that attracted much attention, that one of the sources of the Chumash (the Hebrew Bible) and the Book of Samuel was written by the hands of a woman – a widow, according to him – since according to him there is a unique feminine style. One feminist scholar (I can’t remember her name – can anybody help?) claims that Shir Hashirim was written by a woman, but it is a very controversial view.

There seems to be evidence of a gap between theory & practice of sofrut here, definitely worth further investigation.

Please read the short but growing articles in the sidebar for more information on women serving as scribes. The establishment of precedent for a female sofrut tradition is beginning, please G@d.

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