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Sofrut Nation April 27, 2006

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This is the web site of a certification program for women in Sofrut, Jewish ritual scribal arts. An informal college granting non-transferrable credits for the successful completion of correspondence courses and intensive hands-on workshops. For now, this site is under construction. Please direct any enquiries or comments to Avielah Barclay, certified Soferet S”M, at avielah@soferet.com

The mission of Sofrut Nation is:

To help those Jewish women who wish to be fully empowered to form part of the very texture of our future’s Jewish leadership; to understand that their life practice as a way of holiness supports this important role. The one and only mission of Sofrut Nation is the spreading of this message. And to those who grasp this ideal of holiness, this Work offers the spiritual assistance and the Halakhic, Musar and Kabbalist training which they need to practice sofrut as humble community service.

Its main activity is to give a fully Halakhic sofrut training to its students. A sofrut teaching agency which grants accreditation to those who fulfill the Halakhic requirements to become a certified Soferet.

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