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Ba’alat Magi’ah April 24, 2006

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Certification in Mezuzah proof reading, meant to empower Jewish women in the mitzvah of Mezuzah by familiarizing you with the scrolls so you may fearlessly purchase and check them.

The Mezuzah scroll is one way that we Jews recognise the sanctity of Maqom, Place. In this Jewish Life Skills course, we’ll have the oportunity to earn the title Ba’alat Magi’ah: Mezuzot, a certified inspector of Mezuzahs. Kosher & pasul (invalid) scrolls will be used to illustrate the laws of sofrut we learn, as will course materials & projected images. The spiritual tools of Magi’ut will be acquired in order to empower apprentices to serve their local communities, thereby enabling themselves & others to confidently engage in the mitzvah of owning, hanging & checking our Mezuzot.

Sources provided in Hebrew/Aramaic and English.

Ability to read Biblical Hebrew without vowels; familiarization with the Mezuzah text.

Recommended reading:
* A Guide to Mezuza – Chaim Twerski. New York, NY: Vaad Mishmeres Stam, 1976
* Like a Reed: the Message of the Mezuza – Rabbi Yehudah Cahn & Avraham Cohen. 1986. Baltimore, MD: 1997 reprinting
* Sefer Zichron Shoshanah/Mezuzah: a Comprehensive Guide – Rabbi Yair Hoffman. Israel Bookshop, 2002

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